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Green and Sustainable - Designing for the 21st Century


Winter Crow Studio is dedicated to doing its part in making the world a better place. When our businesses pay close attention to what we create, we can make them more sustainable, more profitable, and more life-affirming not just for consumers, but for ourselves as well. We may not get it perfect all the time, but by making every effort to adhere to a set of core values, we are heading in the right direction. Winter Crow Studio's philosophy, below, sets its own goals for the future and how it would like to create the products of tomorrow in partnership with like-minded companies.



The Winter Crow Studio Philosophy:

1) Design Catalyzes Change
The way we design products and mold our messages influences the way people think, their buying habits, their beliefs, their dreams and their aversions. Design has the power to educate and create desire. We believe that with that power comes the responsibility to move the world in a positive direction and educate others to make buying choices that are wholesome for them and their environment.


2) Create Sustainably
We believe in creating an object that will live out its usefulness in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. This requires attention to every part of its life-cycle, including what it’s made of, where and how it’s produced, how far it will travel, how it will be used and how it can be recycled or repurposed at the end of its intended life. To move from a consumer/owner culture to a sharing/community mode of thinking, we’ll explore ways to make things long-lasting, multi-purpose, repairable or even to identify what doesn’t need to be made at all.


3) Power to the People
Community, education, honest communication, individual empowerment and nonviolence are the ideals of great societies. This studio will strive to support the furthering of these causes wherever we see them being put into action.


4) A Better World Starts at Home
You can’t expect others to follow your lead if you don’t lead by example. We will continually work to live up to our environmental principles in our daily lives, enrich ourselves and our families by living well, strike a balance between work and sanity, be open and honest in our communications, and provide a fair living wage to those involved in the work of the studio.


5) Labor of Love
This isn’t just a means of making money, it’s a means of making meaning. When your work is truly your passion, you can’t help but want to do it well. We will aim to always provide the best service possible and to exceed expectations on a regular basis.


6) Clients are Community
We are all bits and pieces of a larger picture. By combining our talents, products and know-how, we are stronger than we could ever be by ourselves. Our role is to aid our clients in making their products and services successful, helping them to be a lean, green, fighting machine. We will uphold the ideals of kindness and personal attention in our dealings with our clients, treating them how they should be treated, as partners in a great human movement towards a brighter future.


7) An Ounce of Prevention
Forethought and planning are always more useful than bandaging problems later on. We will strive to look ahead to what the problems of tomorrow might be, and find ways of heading them off with solutions today.


8) Push the Envelope
Find the unexpected. Experience makes the garden of our minds grow, so get out and see the world, learn about it, carry that into your work. Test the limits of what you think is possible. Act as an example of what CAN be done.


9) Second Nature
People have a lot to think about just making the ends of their lives meet. For sustainable living to be successful, it needs to become as easy as living unsustainably. Help them to make this transition by providing them with simple solutions that have huge ripple-effects.