Aryaloka Buddhist Center


Website and Logo Redesign

Aryaloka Buddhist Center was looking for a holistic revamping of all aspects of their marketing materials and methods, beginning with new branding and a website redesign. The stepping off point was a new logo and branding system, which informed the other pieces.

The organization’s website needed to be a major step forward – incorporating an internal bookings system for events, easily updatable postings on a CMS, and something that would be visually inviting and informative for existing community members as well as newcomers.

As part of expanding marketing online, new social media spaces on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were created to engage with the community and bring traffic in to the website with a regular schedule of interesting posts.





Communications Branding

New branding guidelines were carried through all communications. Basic Word documents evolved into eye-catching printed pieces for special events, and flyer templates for repeating events followed branding rules.

Promotional pieces for the season’s program were better organized along themes and specific interests, which encouraged longer-term planning for event attendance. Programs were creatively designed to be polished but to keep costs low for the nonprofit organization.

Along with printed pieces, editable email templates were created with the same branding in Mailchimp and the mailing list was formalized and updated to be segmented to better target attendees and offer them content aligned with their interests.



Vajra Bell Newsletter

The newsletter for the Buddhist Center, entitled the Vajra Bell, was fully redesigned to move in the direction of a magazine – improving the layout and visual content as well as inspiring new writing contributions. The working group of editors was reorganized to enhance the quality of articles. Finally, improved formatting allowed for reading and downloading online.

As a result of these changes the reach of the newsletter was expanded to include all of
North America, which evolved readership from a local to global via email updates and social media, and the content was repurposed in social media spaces to raise awareness and engagement.